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Steve R

Back in the day, when ABC was all there was, the "Up Close and Personal" approach worked. And, in many of these sports where this is the only time you'll pay attention to these athletes, finding out about their stories is warranted. And, you knew you weren't going to find out about qualifying heats or who won the Belarus-Finland hockey game.

But it ain't that way no more. You're right. To have all these channels, on-line outlets, etc., and set your coverage in a way that all but ignores them is very short-sighted and ignorant. I'm with you in that there's almost two very divergent audiences -- the sports fans (us) and the Olympics fans. The sports fans want the live coverage and information. They want an outlet to see the heats, to watch a low-profile game, etc. They want to know now. And once they know, they're good and aren't likely to watch the packaged coverage in prime time. It frees them up to watch Canada-Switzerland hockey.

But, the Olympics fans don't care. They'll watch at 8:00 and soak in what NBC gives them. That's the built-in, automatic audience. It doesn't need the sports fans. Those who are apt to watch at that time will. Those who aren't won't. NBC will rake in the ratings without us.

When the Games are in your home hemisphere and there's so much live coverage possible, not making it available just doesn't make sense. They made so much more available from Beijing, which is on the other side of the planet. It'll also be quite different from London (+5 hours from ET) and Sochi (+8). The daily hockey schedule would start at 4 a.m. Eastern.

We've entered a new era where we don't need our viewing decisions made for us. If I want to get up at 4 a.m. for a hockey game, I will. At worst, I have my DVR.

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