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Hi Tim,
Excellent explanation of the Lysacek-Plushenko scoring. To my untrained eye, they looked close, and I appreciate your breakdown.

I agree that commentators need to do a better job explaining the judging system to viewers watching at home.

I'm a huge gymnastics fan, and that sport has a similar problem. In gymnastics now, you have two judging panels, one for difficulty and the other for execution. One panel adds up points for the tricks and combinations, the other panel looks at bent knees, short handstands, etc. Like skating, there are open-ended scores now, often in the 13-16 point range -- a huge departure from the old Perfect 10. And the NBC commentators do a poor job explaining the system.

In gymnastics, Bart Conner has done some excellent work in calling college gymnastics meets on TV. Particularly for men's meets, he has had little segments where he explains some of what the gymnasts are doing and how it earns them points. I wish NBC would hire him!

I'm sure there's got to be someone in the figure skating world who can do a better job on TV.

Keep up the good work!

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