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Hey Tim, sorry about the gig. I hope you find a new one soon, I think your plan of some daddy time is wise. Good luck with the blog!


Hey Tim, you're a great reporter. I know great opportunities will be there for you. I'm going to miss getting the first reads on your stuff. It has been a pleasure.

Tim Bilbro

Bummer about the gig. Will check here for your writing.(BTW, you need an RSS feed here, so we can add you to our readers)


Done! Go ahead and subscribe. Thanks!

jordan 12

I have also trouble using its and it's before until now a very simple and fairly explanation. I've bookmarked your site for further exploration and reference.thanks again,and now link my name to see something of mine.

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The goal is to get citizens designing and discussing facilities. The project does not address system design, but you could use the same model.

If citizens addressed system design in this project it would probably be useful for discussion purposes only, though, as professionals have more tools and knowledge to create good designs. By crowdsourcing bus stop designs, they are gathering ideas that otherwise might not surface.

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Okay, so explain this Bob. That second movie I returned on Saturday was marked as received at netflix on Tuesday...but the next Movie was not shipped. Now, one is marked as Shipping Today (Wednesday). If my top choice was not available at my local shipping center, shouldn't a "bonus" DVD have been shipped yesterday? I've had good luck in the past, but this is pretty frustrating.

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To offer a different perspective, I'm not sure that economics of transportation will ever drive us to become Locavores. Oil is but a sparse fraction of the cost of transport and distribution.
To me it is all about community and a healthy lifestyle. I would much prefer buying local even at higher cost because of the value to our community. And if we can get local volume over the threshold of economies of scale, then will be self sustaining. Unfortunately, Locavorism today is really on the fringe. In business terms, we need more market share - and then the economics will work too.

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